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Room Essentials Bungee Chair Review

Room Essentials is a budget orientated brand of chairs, that is often sold in bigger department stores. There are a range of different models in this product range, and today we are going to look at the hexagon style chair. This Room Essentials bungee chair is a big seller in Target at the moment, so we are sure our readers would like to know if it is worth considering. Let’s see if we can figure that out below.

Product Features:
There aren’t too many hexagon bungee chairs designs on the market today, so it is good to take a closer look at one of them. This model only comes in the black color scheme unfortunately, but this does tend to fit in quite well with most settings and activities. It has a black canvas fabric around the interior of the frame, and the bungee cords are attached to the metal rings which are embedded in the fabric. Something worth noting is that the stitching does look a little sloppy in some places, but the stitches are black so you would have a hard time seeing this unless you are specifically looking at the stitching. The cords seem to be decent enough, and these are linked in the traditional flower style design.
These are all mounted on the steel frame, which has been painted black. The paint seems to be a little bit sparse in places, especially around the bends in the leg areas. It also seems to chip quite easily, so clearly not the best paint job. Again, these are only really seen when examining the chair up close so it’s not a big issue in our opinion. On each leg are two floor protectors, although these are a little on the small side. They do the job though, so we can’t complain too much.

This chair has dimensions of 32″H x 31″W x 26″H, which is a fairly average size. The chair weighs around 8.5lbs, which gives it a sturdy feel, yet is light enough to transport without much effort. When folded down it is only around 2″ thick, so you can stack a few of these together without taking up much space.  This makes it great for dorm rooms with limited space, or to take to picnics and sports matches. The steel frame supports a weight of 225lbs, which is again more or less standard these days. The cords provide a good degree of flexibility, assuming you aren’t too light. This chair is geared towards adults, and smaller preteen kids may struggle to sink into the chair due to the rigidity of the cords. Anyone else will be comfy enough, and the chair feels comparable to many of the traditional round style chairs we are used to seeing.

Since this is a value orientated model, we should also talk about the very enticing price. This model retails for only $29.99, which is perhaps the cheapest adult sized bungee chair we have seen so far. At this price point you can expect some drawbacks such as the uneven stitching and slightly sparse paint job we mentioned above, but for most people this will be a worthwhile trade-off for the money saved by buying this chair. The pros outweigh the small cons in our opinion, and this chair is certainly worth considering if you don’t want to invest in the more expensive alternatives.


  • Very affordable
  • Strong frame
  • Comfy
  • Good size


  • Uneven stitching in parts
  • Cheap paint

The Room Essentials bungee chair is very affordable at around $29.99, and is comfy, yet secure to sit in. At that low price there are a few small downsides such as the uneven stitching and poor paint job, but for most people this will not be a major issue as these minor flaws are only really seen upon close examination. At $29.99 you will struggle to find something better, so it’s hard not to recommend this chair. You can find out more about this chair over at the Target Website.

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