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Kids Bungee Chairs

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It goes without saying that most children love bungee chairs, and there are a big range of them designed for youngsters all the way up to teenagers. So if you are looking at buying one for them, you need to take a few things into consideration. The price is one such factor, as many “themed” chairs featuring their favorite characters can be on the expensive side. You also need to look at the sizing of the chair, to give you an idea how long it will last before they outgrow it. Another factor to consider is how much wear and tear the chair can take, as kids can be quite rough and messy at times as you know! To help you decide, we are going to take a look at a few of the more popular kids bungee chair models which you can currently get.

Delta Children Star Wars Bungee Chair

Since Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise a few years ago, they have really pushed their marketing for this franchise. However that is certainly not a bad thing, as they have ventured into bungee chair products. This particular model is made by Delta Children, and comes in a snazzy black and red design. The red Imperial crest is featured at the base of the chair, whilst a red Darth Vader logo sits on top. The bungee cords are red, and the components which join the frame together are also a deep shade of red. These red bits add a nice contrast to the upper fabric and the frame, both of which are black. The upper and outer layer of fabric is made out of tough canvas, and is double stitched in most parts for longevity. It’s a really nice color scheme, and Star Wars fans are sure to love it.

The frame is made out of steel, and the chair has dimensions of 23″L x 27.5″W x 28″H.¬†These dimensions means it is designed for roughly 6-12 year olds, as teenagers will be a little cramped in it. There is an upper weight limit of 165lbs, so any small kids who weigh under 40lbs will struggle to use it, as they won’t be heavy enough to push the cords down enough to put them in a seated position. With a weight of around 5lbs and a folded width of less than 3″, the chair is quick and easy to move about.
Being a Disney branded item, it is a bit pricey at around $40. However it does seem to be worthwhile, as it is well made and has many positive user reviews. You can read some of those reviews and check the current price on the Amazon page.

Mattel Monster High Web Saucer Chair

Next up we have something for the girls, as we take a look at the Mattel Monster High Web Saucer chair. This chair is another catchy design, and it features the famous Monster High logo which sits in the middle on a round piece of canvas. This is surrounded by a web style set of cords, all of which is attached to a black canvas which runs around the edges of the chair. This is all mounted on a strong steel frame, which has a nice hot pink color scheme. It has similar dimensions to the Star Wars chair above of 23″W x 23″L x 17″H, although it does sit a little lower down. There is no mention of an upper weight limit on this particular model, but we would guess it is under 120lbs. There is also no defined age limit that this chair will suit, and again we would guess in the 5-10 age range. Aside from that it is a good quality chair, which provides a robust and comfortable seating area. In terms of pricing, it normally retails for a little over $30 which is quite reasonable. It also has lots of good user reviews, and combined with the price it seems like a winner.¬† You can find out more about this model over on Amazon.

Marvel Spider-Man Web Chair

And finally we come to the Marvel Spider-Man Web Chair, which is yet another popular option. This chair features the famous Spiderman logo, which is mounted in the centre area. This logo is surrounded by a blue canvas fabric in the middle and around the edges, and has red cords in a web type design. This is very similar to the Monster High chair design we looked at above, and it even has the same 23″W x 23″L x 17″H dimensions. This means it is likely made by the same supplier, and will feature the same quality materials.
Of course it can also fold down, and is mounted on a decent steel frame. And like the Monster High chair, there is no mention of a age range or weight limit. Again, we would put our estimates at the 5-10 age range and about 120lbs weight limit.
This bungee chair for kids retails for around $35, which puts it somewhere in the middle of the price range. However it is a fine choice, and the quality craftsmanship should last a good few years.
You can check the current pricing and read some of the many positive user reviews on the Amazon page.


These are three quality kids bungee chairs that will suit a variety of age ranges. If you have a child that is heading towards their teens, then the Star Wars chair will be the best option as it has slightly bigger dimensions. If you have a younger child, then the Monster High or Spider-Man chair will both be well received. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either of these choices.