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How do you choose the ideal bungee chair?

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For many years bungee style chairs have been a cheap and easy way to provide comfortable seating for anyone. And all these years later, the design is still relevant and unmatched. Even today however, these brilliant little chairs are still a little difficult to find which is why we have created this site. Hopefully we can provide you with the info you need to acquire one of these chairs. For those of you who don’t know much about them, we have created a handy little guide listing some of the benefits of them. We also have a  bungee chair reviews section which looks at some of the popular models which are currently available . If you want to skip straight onto our reviews section you can do so by clicking here. Otherwise keep reading below to find out more about these kinds of chairs.

What exactly is a bungee chair?

First off we should mention that these chairs are also sometimes spelt as bungie chair or known as bungie cord chairs to avoid any confusion. Bungee seems to be the more popular term in use, so we are going to stick to that on this website. Now lets begin by discussing what they actually are. Some of you may have been asked to buy a bungee type chair as a gift, or heard about a them from someone else and didn’t really know what they were talking about. A good illustration of these kinds of chairs is the picture at the top left of this page. This is what is known as a conventional bungee style chair, although they do come in several different varieties. As you can see above, the frame of the chair is circular or dish shape, which is linked to two folding legs. At first glance the round type chair may appear unstable, but it all balances out very well once you are sitting in it. Some folks have any compared them to feeling like sitting in a hammock, and we think this is a very accurate description! You won’t only find these kinds of chairs in the traditional circular shape however. You will find that many different kinds of office chairs are made using bungee cords. This provides a comfortable yet flexible base for anyone who spends many hours in front of a desk or computer, but more on that below. The “webbing” of the chair above is made from bungee cord, which is where the chair gets its name. Bungee cord is a tough flexible cord, which can adapt to the shape of your body and provides a comfortable yet supportive chair base.

What are some of the benefits of bungee chairs?

Comfort and affordability are not the only benefits to these chairs however. Another benefit is that they are extremely light, and can be folded and stored away very easily. This makes them ideal for taking on camping trips, for smaller rooms where the space is often required, or simply when you are having guests around and you need some easy to setup seating.
Yet another benefit these chairs provide is during the hotter months of the year. The spaces between the bungee cords provide a much wider flow of air than a traditional chair, which means you keep cooler and sweat less. Thanks to this popular design, there are now many different kinds of bungee office chairs which help to keep office workers cool and comfortable. These kinds of office chairs are also designed to mold to the shape of your body, thus providing a better and more enduring support for your lower and upper back region. Anyone who works in an office for most of the day will be aware of these issues which can damage your back and posture, and a bungee style office chair is one of the ways to help deal with this.

How much do they generally cost?

If you simply want a standard chair then you will look at spending around $20-$35 or so on average. You can possibly find cheaper models than this, but we would advise caution when buying dirt cheap models. These often come with weaker cords, which tend to stretch faster and eventually begin to sag. Try to get hold of a reputable brand name model even if it means spending that little bit extra. If you are looking for a office chairs then you can generally expect to pay in the $150-$350 range. Also keep in mind that you can replace broken cords on certain models, so this might be worth looking into if you are looking for a very reliable mode. These kinds of models will often cost a little bit extra, but this is a far wiser choice than having to purchase an entire new chair if you break a cord or two!


So that basically sums up what bungee chairs are. Hopefully you now have an idea of some of the benefits they provide, and why they are still a popular choice today for many folks. At this point you may be wondering where you would find a suitable model, or what kind might be best for your purpose. To help you out we suggest you take a look out our top rated models section. These are some of the better models currently available on the market which we have taken a look at, and most of the posts contain links to where you can purchase them.  If you are investing in a pricey office chair, then we would strongly recommend that you read a few user reviews first to get a good idea of the quality of the product.
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