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Euro Style Bungee Flat J-Arm Chair Review

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Today we are going to have a look at one of the few drafting bungee chairs currently available on the market. The J-Arm Chair w/ring is made by Euro Style, who are one of the biggest producers of bungee chair products. They are renowned for making quality goods, so is this chair one of their better products or does it fall flat? Keep reading to find out more.

Product Features:
Lets begin by taking a look at the design of the J-Arm chair. If you like a modern and stylish design, then this chair will definitely appeal to you. The entire frame is made out of steel, which has been coated in chrome. The frame is rated as heavy duty, meaning the chair should be able to support a fair amount of weight. The armrests and bungee cords are black, which provides a nice contrast against the chrome frame. The armrests look quite thin, but they come with soft polyurethane inserts which make them comfortable enough to rest your arms on for long periods. The arms are in a “J” shape, which is where the chair gets its name. It is certainly a different design, and helps the chair to stand out from your average drafting chair.

There are 8 cords on the back of the chair, and 9 on the seating area. These cords are rated as heavy duty. and are designed to last many years before needing to be replaced.
The chair has a standard gas lift, which works very well. This allows you adjust the chair between heights of 25″ – 30″. Also included is a tilt function, which allows you to easy customize the chair to your needs. The back of the chair is a little higher than your average drafting chair, which gives your back more support.
Sitting in the chair itself is a pleasant experience. The cords are firm, yet flexible enough to make sure you are comfortable. The back provides enough support to your lumbar region, and the frame is curved slightly to provide the optimal support in this area. The swivel motion is quiet and smooth, and the entire chair feels very solid and well made.

That is all there really is to say about the chair. It looks fantastic, and is comfortable and durable to use everyday without any issue.  The only real problem we have with this bungee office chair is the price, which currently goes for around $500 at certain outlets. It certainly is a really great chair, but with that price it will be a tough sell for many people. However if you can afford one, then we would definitely recommend the Euro Style J-Arm chair.


  • Great modern design
  • Heavy duty frame and cords
  • High back with lumbar support
  • Tilt and swivel functionality
  • Feels strong and stable


  • Expensive

This Euro Style bungee chair is yet another quality chair on offer. It has a unique modern design, and is very comfortable and durable. The only issue is the price, but if you can afford one then we would definitely recommend it. You will find this chair currently for sale on Amazon over here.

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