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Euro Style Bungee Counter Chair Review

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You might be surprised to find that you can buy bungee counter chairs. These seem to be quite a rare find at the moment, but Euro Style do make one model of these kind of chairs. Are they worth the moment, or will you be better of buying a normal counter chair? Read on to find out more.

Product Features:
Euro Style are one of the top manufacturers when it comes to bungee chairs, and they are well known for making quality, reliable models. Is this chair any different, or should you look elsewhere? Lets begin by taking a look at the overall design of the chair. The frame of the chair is made out of steel, and has been coated in chrome to give it a nice stylish look. The bungee cords are black in color, which are a nice compliment to the chrome rails. The bungee cords are labelled as “Extra Strong”, and are a flat shape for wider support. The entire frame is welded together, meaning there is no flimsiness or lack of support in any way. There is no mention of any weight limit on the chair, but we imagine that anything up to 300lbs won’t be an issue. Overall it is a good modern design, that looks quite solid.

Sitting on the chair itself confirms that it is as solid as it looks. Being a counter or bar chair, it doesn’t provide any real support for your upper back, but this is simply the way all these kinds of chairs are designed to be honest so we can’t really fault that. There is a little support for your lower back, and the main support is firm enough to give you a comfortable seating position. The cords feel fairly firm, but do adapt quite comfortably to your body. The small support at the bottom of the chair frame provides a little area for your feet to rest on, but aside from that the chair is quite comfortable with your feet hanging down. All in all we were quite impressed with the feel of the chair. These chairs are designed to be stack-able, so if you have a few of them you can stack them up to save space.

There are two small issue however. The first main issue is that they chairs only seem to be sold in sets of four. This will be a problem if you only want to buy one or two of them. We could be wrong on this, however we did look at several retailers who all sold them in sets of four. The next main issue is the price, which is quite steep. For a four pack of chairs, you are looking in the range of around $600 or so which works out to about $150 a chair. These are really nice chairs, but this is quite a large amount to pay for some counter chairs. We have no doubt that they are well made and durable, but the price does seem a little high.
So this leaves us this a very nice chair, which is somewhat costly. Does the good build quality justify the price? You will have to be the judge of that.


  • Comfy
  • Modern stylish design
  • Stable


  • Only sold in  sets of four?
  • Price is quite high

The Euro Style bungee counter chair is a great modern counter chair, but it does come at a cost. If you can afford one, then it will certainly provide a stylish and comfortable seat for many years. One of the place you will find this chair on sale is Amazon, and you can view the full details and specifications over here.

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