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Courtyard Creations FUS521H Bungee Folding Chair Review

If you are in the market for a lawn or deck chair that is made out of bungee cords, then the Courtyards Creations chair is a possible contender. With a retail price of around $50 or so it is quite affordable. Does the cheap price mean it is a low quality chair? Lets have a look at that below.

Product Features:
As a company, there isn’t a whole lot of info on Courtyard Creations. They seem to make only a handful of furniture items, and we can’t find much history on them. Nonetheless they have been selling a reasonably priced folding deck chair for a while now, so lets take a look. The chair is made using a steel frame, which has been coated in bronze. The bronze coating matches quite nicely with the design on the chair, which has dark bungee cords and a beige fabric covering. There is no mention of what kind of fabric has been used in the chair, so we aren’t sure how easy it is to clean or how hardy it will be. It feels fairly tough and resilient to the touch, so we are guessing it is quite durable. The bungee cords are quite flexible, while still being firm enough to spring back nicely into place.
A nice little touch is the included head pillow, which can be folded over the back of the chair when it is not needed. Overall it is a decent design, and should blend in quite nicely with any other outdoor or indoor furniture. The chair probably sounds good so far, but unfortunately that is where the good features end.

When you actually sit in the chair, you soon realize that looks aren’t everything. The first issue we came across is that the chair is simply too low. Being a deck / patio chair, we understand this is the way they are designed. But this one certainly feels like it is much lower than your average deck chair. Sitting at this angle puts a bit of strain on your back, and even the bungee cords struggle to make it comfortable. This could potentially be fixed by using a cushion to sit on, but then that defeats the object of buying a bungee chair. The problems aren’t limited to the height of the chair however. The other main issue is the stability of the chair and armrests. When you are sitting in the chair, there is a bit of flexibility on the frame. The rivets that hold the main frame together are not 100% tight, which makes it feel a little flimsy.It isn’t too noticeable, but it gives the impression that the overall build quality is not that great. And finally lets talk about the armrests, or lack of armrests in this case. The included armrests are also somewhat flimsily attached to the chair, and they provide no real support since they are too thin. They tend to wobble when you put on weight on them, and this is down to a design flaw since the arms are linked to the main frame area which we talked about above. So what are we left with? A chair that looks quite nice, but is not really that comfortable or well put together. For this reason alone we would suggest you steer clear of this particular model, and perhaps look at investing in a bungee chair that is a bit more promising.


  • Bronze coated frame looks good
  • Includes headrest
  • Reasonable price


  • Seat is too low
  • Chair feels flimsy
  • Armrests are too thin and wobble

We were hoping that with such a low price we would be getting a good bargain with the Courtyard Creations chair. Unfortunately it was too good to be true, and the poor build quality is all too evident in this chair. We recommend you avoid this model and look for something a bit more durable. You can see the full specs and user reviews of this chair on Amazon over here.

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