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Bungee Lounge Chairs

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There is no shortage of different bungee chair models for sale on the market today, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The traditional circular style design may be the most popular model you will find for sale, but it is not always the most suitable type of design for every kind of seating situation. If you are looking for a bungee style chair to lounge about on whether in the tv room, or sitting next to the pool, you may want a more suitable option. This is why we are going to take a look at some of the non traditional bungee lounge chairs, which are designed for this very purpose. In this article we are going to check out three of the most popular choices you will currently find available, so let’s see what kind of options you have below.

Caravan Sports Bungee Lounge Chair

One of the most popular choices on the market right now is the Caravan Sports bungee lounge chair, which is likely down to the very enticing price of around $40. This model comes in a few different colors including black, beige, blue (pictured), burgundy, camo and grey.  This chair folds up for easy transportation and storage, and is only around 6 inches wide when folded flat. The chair reclines quite far back, and your back will be at around a 45 degree angle when the chair is fully reclined. This is done by holding the finger locks under the armrest downwards, and then releasing them to lock the chair in position. This motion works quite smoothly, and ensures the chair never moves out of position unless you choose to do so. It has a built in headrest which is attached to the chair using a velco strap. We found the headrest was a little too big to really be comfortable, so that fact that it can be removed is a bonus. Some people say it works well as a lumbar support, so this is also something to keep in mind if you aren’t a big fan of the headrest!

The chair has a textile fabric mix of polyester coated with pvc, otherwise known as textilene. This is a firm yet durable material which is water resistant. The fabric doesn’t have much resistance, but the bungee cords make sure the chair adapts to your weight and provides you with some comfort.
When opened up fully, it has dimensions of 39″L x 26.5″W x 65″H. It has a claimed weight limit of 300lbs, but we think that is a very generous estimate. The frame is made out of tubular steel, but the tubing doesn’t feel like it is thick enough to really support that much weight in all honesty. Unfortunately reading some recent reviews of the chair confirmed our suspicions, and many people have complained that the frame is simply not strong enough and buckles after a few uses. This could be a quality control issue, as many of the unhappy opinions are from recent reviews. Many manufacturers will switch suppliers to scrimp on costs, and end up with an inferior product. This is possibly what has happened here, so we are a bit hesitant to recommend this model based on that. However if it does still interest you, then be sure to read some of the many user reviews on Amazon before you make a purchase.

Ancheer Bungee Lounge Chair

A chair that looks a bit more promising is the Ancheer bungee lounge chair. This model has quite a similar price point to the above chair, with a retail price of around $40. It is sold in a few different colors including black (pictured), blue, and red. It comes supplied with a removable pillow, which is larger and more comfortable than the Caravan Sports model. It reclines using a similar type of finger locking system, which works as intended. The fabric is a breathable mesh type of textiline, which feels quite tough and durable. The good news is that you can buy replacement fabrics for this particular chair, but we would guess that you can get a lot of use out of it before the fabric would need to be replaced. The fabric is attached to the steel frame, which feels very sturdy.

The frame is powder coated, and this means it should resist any kind of rust over the years. The chair has a supported weight limit of 300lbs, and has anti-skid stoppers on the feet to stop it moving when you recline back. It has fairly standard dimensions of 69″L 27″W x 43″H.
It may not be as popular a choice as the Caravan Sports model, but it does have many happy user reviews so it is certainly worth a look. You can find out more about it and read some of those many positive user reviews over at Amazon.

Westfield Outdoor XL Bungee Lounge Chair

Our article would not be complete without looking at one of the more premium options, and this brings us to the Westfield Outdoor XL chair. This bungee lounge chair retails for a bit more at around $80, but it does have a number of unique features which would explain the price. It comes in a very bright and funky blue and black design, which is hard not to like. It has a large adjustable pillow, which slides up and down the back for easy positioning. The fabric is made out of 600d polyester, and has a layer of padding built into it. This padding really adds to the comfort factor of this chair, and it is hard to go back to one of the cheaper chairs when you are used to this!
It has a steel frame which is powder coated, and has a high upper weight limit of 350lbs. This chair feels heavier than the other chairs we have looked at, so we feel the weight limit is quite believable.

The other unique selling point is the side table, which folds down when not in use. This has a built in cup holder, and can accommodate a pound or two of items. It certain adds a bit of value to the chair, and you will get some good use out of the tray if you intend to spend a lot of time in the chair.
So is it worth the extra costs compared to the cheaper chairs? You will have to be the judge of that. Either way we think it is a another good choice, and definitely worth considering. You can find out more about it and check the current pricing over at the Amazon page.


So there we have three of the most popular models you will find on the market today. The Caravan Sports chair is one of the top sellers, but it does seem a little flimsy, and many recent user reviews have mentioned this. For this reason it is a little hard to recommend. However it isn’t all bad news, as the Ancheer and the Westfield Outdoor XL chairs are both quite promising with affordable price tags. These two are certainly worth considering, so make sure you have a closer look at them if you are looking for this type of chair.