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Sports Authority Bungee Chair Review

A few months ago Sports Authority was officially sold, as the company was in dire financial straits. The chain was bought out and taken over by Dick’s, and it seems like Dick’s have retained most of their product lineup. This is good news for the bungee loving folks out there, as they still sell their popular bungee chair. The Sports Authority bungee chair is what we are going to look at today, so let’s talk about that in detail below.

Product Features:
This chair carries the Bunjo brand name, which has impressed us in previous reviews. This particular model of the Bunjo brand comes in a number of vibrant and enticing colors, including black & pink, blue & lime (pictured above), green, grey camo, canvas, orange & grey and red & white (pictured below). Out of all these it is hard to pick an obvious favorite, so it all depends on how you intend to use it. The vibrant colors are perfect for a dorm room or kids bedroom, as they provide a bright and cheerful seat. The plainer colours such as the green and canvas are great for other occasions, such as camping and picnics for example. This chair has a sturdy steel frame as a base, which feels like it can support a decent amount of weight. The chair has a weight of 7.7lbs, and is light enough to move around while still feeling like it has a decent build quality. According to the manufacturers specifications it can support up to 225lbs, but we would guess it can support a little more that that without taking too much strain. The outer rim is made out of a polyester blend material, and this feels much like the material you would get on any other pricier model.

The bungee cord pattern is a very traditional design, and provides some good support and comfort. These cords are all attached to metal rings which are mounted onto the polyester fabric. While we can’t say how long the cords will last, you should get a few years use out of it. Some of the models have solid color bungee cords, whilst some of the others have a mixed color bungee pattern such as the two pictured models in this article. These give them a nice unique look, and certainly helps to set them apart from the competition.
In terms of dimensions, these are also fairly average for an adult chair with a size of 32″ x 32″ x 26″. This will comfortably fit teenagers and adults, although smaller kids will struggle to actually sink into the cords if they don’t weigh enough. When closed it is a mere 2″ thick, so transporting a few of there is no problem at all as they will comfortably fit in most car trunks.

This model is currently sold at Dick’s for a very affordable $39.99, and there is not much to complain about at that price. It seems like Bunjo has done another good job with this model, so this chair is worth checking out. We can’t find anything wrong with it, so if you like the traditional bungee chair design then this model is clearly a winner


  • Lots of colors
  • Sturdy
  • Compact
  • Affordable


  • None as far as we can tell

If you are looking for a decent affordable chair, then the Sports Authority Bungee Chair is a fine choice. It is well made, and comes in a variety of good color choices to suit a variety of uses. It is hard to find any faults with it, so it is certainly worth a look. Let’s hope that Dick’s keep selling this chair, as it is great choice in our eyes. You can find out more about this chair, and see some of the many user reviews over at Dick’s Website.

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