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BALT Seatflex Series Swivel Chair Review

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Office chairs that have swivel and tilt features are very common these days, but finding a bungee office chair variety is quite hard. Balt is one of the few manufacturers who make these kinds of chairs, but how does the Balt Seatflex Series chair measure up to the competition? Lets have a closer look to find out.

Product Features:
The recommended retail price of this chair is around $275, which make it competitively priced. The Balt chair has a modern black and chrome design. The entire frame is made out of steel and coated black, except for the very top portion of the chair which has the chrome area exposed. The armrests are slightly adjustable to your comfort preference, but they do feel a teeny bit on the short side to really provide a good level of comfort. The rear of the frame provides a curved backing to support your lumbar area, and it does a fair job at doing this. The castor wheels are also acceptable, and there is no sign of an locking up when the chair is in use. The bungee cords seem decent enough, providing enough support to keep your body comfortable. On the right hand side of the chair are the two levers to lift and tilt there chair. Both of these are fairly easy to operate, and each one provides smooth and relaxed operation.

The padded headrest looks quite comfortable, but sadly it is only suited to people of certain heights. I am roughly 6’0, but the headrests falls about 4 inches short of where it should be. I had a friend test the chair, and although she is 5’9 the headrest was still a little low for her unless she slinks in the chair a bit. For someone from about 5’8-5’5 the headrest would be the ideal height, but anyone else will be out of luck. A height adjustable headrest would be ideal in this scenario, but that is simply wishful thinking. You could always remove the headrest all together, but this seems like a drastic measure.
Another issue we came across is the width of the chair, which is quite thin. If you are are skinny or normal size then this won’t really be a problem. If you are little over that like myself, then you will find that the plastic bits which the cords attach to will poke you when you sit down. You could remedy this by using a small cushion, but then you are left without some of the cooling benefits of the chair. Either way we feel like this chair could have been so much better if it had simply been made a little wider to accommodate a wider variety of body shapes.
So what does that leave us with? In our case, a bungee desk chair that is too thin which has a headrest in the wrong place. An adjustable headrest would be quite easy to implement, and a wider frame would add that much to production costs. These two fixes would make this chair into a very decent product. If you are skinny and around 5’6 or so then this chair will be a great for you, but for anyone else it will be a bit of a gamble if you will fit in it or not.


  • Decent price
  • Looks good
  • Lumbar and headrest
  • Tilt function


  • Headrest not adjustable
  • Seat is too thin

We were really hoping the Balt chair would a good choice, but unfortunately it isn’t unless you have the correct height and weight proportions. With a few simple adjustments from the manufacturer it could be a great choice, but it isn’t unless you are of a certain size. You will fine the Balt bungee desk chair currently for sale on Amazon.

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